Do I Message him or Move on?

I had two amazing dates with a guy and we had arranged a 3rd. I had a few worries and doubts about him in my head so on Monday I asked if we could meet during the week to talk. He told me he was too busy that week and to wait till out date sat. It was doing my head in so I told him I didn't want to wait and cancelled the date Monday evening. I didn't hear from him again untill Saturday morning and he told me he had been busy and understood if I didn't want to see him but its a shame as he did quite like me.

Part of me wants to see him again just so I can put straight/confirm the doubts I had and maybe he does like me but another part of me feels that the fact he would not talk to me for 5 days has confirmed these doubts and I should just forget him. What do you think?


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  • Message him. Nothing will happen if you just move on.


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  • What doubts are you having about him?

    • he spends a lot of time with other girls

    • do you know this personally or through rumors?

What Girls Said 1

  • if you made him believe you didn't want to see him anymore then yes talk to him