How to find out if she likes me?

So I have texted this girl for a year now, and I want to know if she likes me. What are some ways to do this without being obvious? In other words, How can I ask her without her caring/ noticing? I usually talk to her via text.


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  • You can't.

    Look, I know why you want to- it would remove the risk of rejection when it comes to asking girls out - if only there was a way to find out in advance if the girl liked you enough, then you'd never have to risk rejection.

    Well, have you ever heard of a landmark break through like that? Seen any headlines "Single guys - never have to worry about rejection ever again!"

    I could make a fortune with a bullsh*t product like that.

    There is no way.

    Just ask her out if you like her. If she says yes, she liked you too. That's how it goes.

    • She is really shy though and never snows emotion...

    • And how does this change the fact that you can't find out without asking her out?


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  • Ask her to hang out if she says yes it can be a pretty

    Clear sign

  • You should just ask, I mean I'm pretty sure she knows already.


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  • It would be by asking her out and see if she rejects you.