Should I text him back ?

There is this guy who I have been talking to for a couple of days now and we will flirt a little bit here and there. He made plans with me to hangout but then cancels. He will text me but then after a while he'll just stop when I know he saw it because we have iPhones. He texted me today and again we talked about picking another day to hangout, should I keep texting him? Or do what he does to me and just randomly not reply?


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  • Don't make yourself too available, because that just makes you seem easy to get. When he texts you, take a little time to text back. When he ask you to hang out, don't move your entire schedule around him. Maybe even once in while say you're busy when you're really not. Make it seem like he's lucky to be hanging out with you.

    • That's what I've been seems to be working. I didn't text him back for like a whole day and the next day he managed to keep the conversation going all day xD. It's hard to do, but fun at the same time!


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  • You should text him back since you should make a connection to hang out with him


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  • I say you should text him back in longish intervals. That way he'll be wondering what's keeping your attention.

    • That's a good idea...i think he tries to make me jealous by telling me about the girls he's been with and such. Maybe he's trying to make me want him? I don't know lol

    • Well two can play that game! Guy's are jealous creatures too. And you always want what you think you can't have xD