How do I get rid of my stalker?

This guy went from potential date, to boring, to acquaintance zone, to annoying, to creepy.

Ok met this guy, gave him my number, texted, realized he wasn't for me . I felt no connection and think he's fake. When I don't text him he always approaches me when I'm out and pleads his case as to why he wants me to text him.pretty much begging. I work at a bar and he even tries to spit game no matter who's around! Wtf and how do I get him to go away?


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  • i'm a guy so I'm been through stuff like this before well from the guys perspective , I guess its hard to move on when we though we had a chance with the girl , I mean you giving him your # was a sign of interest and you work at a bar so its easy to find you .

    anyways I think he'll eventually move on when he realizes he has no chance with you , just keep giving him no hope and he'll move on I think

    • But why doesn't he get it? If he's been texting me for a month with no response, wouldn't that be a clue I don't like him? Lol is he that dumb?

    • i don't know you think after a month he'd move on , have you though about changing # as there is no way he could get new # so that might help , some guys are that dumb , I've meet a few who just don't get it and once they get someones # it can be very hard to get rid of them


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  • Just keep ignoring his requests and eventually he will back off. Blatantly tell him you're not interested or you are involved with someone else.

  • Block his number and ignore him