What's the deal with today's women? Trying not to be negative.

I am a good looking guy, 49 years old and in descent shape and intelligent. I was married for 23 years to a good looking gal and have dated some very good looking women in the past. But went online on POF and the women are so picky it is sickening, in fact I have dated some better looking. I guess a huge pool of available men. Online dating seems to be a pain and not worth my money or time.

I have dated many women over the years I find attractive and they in turn thought I was a good looking guy. I have heard that online dating is the worst for many guys because if the woman has a smorgasbord of men to choose from, not always, but a few good looking women are overloaded with messages so they don't respond or reject.


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  • if you are looking for the hottest girls and younger ones then of course you will have a hard ime. try to loo for women in your town anf go out more.

    • Thanks. Most the gals I want to date are between 40-52 and even they seem hard to figure, maybe I am rusty after 23 years of marriage. I dress nice and stay fit. I have dated a few in their mid 40's, what's the deal?


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  • What's the deal with today's women?

    Likely the same thing that is the deal with today's guys- arrogance, narcissism, and entitlement. Though in my opinion this is a far bigger issue with guys than gals as how the genders handle rejection.

    "But went online on POF and the women are so picky it is sickening"

    Possibly you were picky yourself where you looking for the same age gals aka 49 year old or like many older guys were you looking for (much) younger? If so then you're competing against much more attractive guys that are her age.

    • I am not looking for a model, we all have our standards or what we are attracted to.

    • @QA

      You are looking for gals much younger than you almost a decade thus you're competing with more attractive guys that are her age.

      Yes we all have our standards and what we're attracted to and going 9 years younger almost a decade and only 3 years older will likely make achieving those standards and getting that person harder.

  • What age of women are you messaging. My friend tried online dating when she was 19 and the most messages she got were from guys over 35. If you look at the statistics pretty much all men write most messages to women in their ealry to mid 20s. You can't really blame girls not to go for that. Most of us are looking for someone somewhat in our age bracket, usually not more thant 11 or 12 years older.

    If you're messaging women under 35 you have to prepare yourself for rejection.

    I haven't really heard good stuff about POF either though, okcupid is supposed to be better

    • That's the thing, I am not interested in younger women, don't get me wrong they are cute, but I am almost 50. For my age a woman 40 years old up to say 54. I have had women that were 65 or older interested, sorry, it is just the reverse.

  • i bet you are really picky too, everybody is. If finding somebody to spend time with is nor worth your time or money then don't do it. By you attitude I don't think you are doing it the right way, women sense it you know?

    • I wouldn't say attitude. I am guessing you wouldn't take just any guy would you?

    • Obviously not, in the sense that I wouldn't get guys who treat me in a bad way.

  • Just like you can judge women, women can judge you. And not all of them will find you to be their cup of tea.


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  • online dating isn't all that great. Mostly because women take looks way more into consideration it seems. F***online dating, I can go to the mall, and see more cute women there than pretty much the entire amount of hot women I can find online that are in my town...

  • I think when men say what we want in a woman it is more reasonable, but very unchangeable. When women say what they want in a man it is extremely unreasonable, but they are much more flexible. So even if you are not what they claim they are wanting, they may still consider you.

    • A lot more men are using online dating so it is harder for men. What men have to do is to send messages out to a whole bunch of women and see if a few reply. Online dating does work. 1/3 of all marriages met online. Apparently they also are less likely to get divorced. I guess because they start with compatibility first, instead of over looking compatibility because they are "in love" and think their love can overcome their compatibility issues.