Why does he completely ignore me now, not even reply to my texts?

I know every guy is different and his reason for not talking to me anymore is one in a million, but since he won't say even one word to me now, I'm trying to get ideas of why he just stopped :(

I met a guy back in April in Vegas one weekend for my birthday. Long story short we ended up keeping in touch for almost 2 months, we texted every day and even talked on the phone once in awhile. But after a few weeks the texting died down, it wasn't constant anymore, he took forever to reply, and eventually he wouldn't text me first - or if he did it wasn't until later - and the conversations wouldn't last. It got to a point where we would go a day or 2 without talking.

He is several years older than me and lives 10 hours away, but I'm moving in August and the distance would shorten to 5 hours. He would say he cared about me and that he wanted to meet up again, he even believe there was a reason we met. I want to go back and pin point an exact time or moment things started going bad, but I can't. I think maybe it was me, because I did get upset, but I never acted on my emotions or lashed out at him that I can remember.

After not talking for 5 days I finally texted him "hi" and he replied with "hi". I apologized if I was rude earlier to him. No reply. I texted him 2 days later saying I missed talking. No reply. I texted him one last time the other night saying if he didn't reply I'd get rid of his number and leave him alone, but I apologized if I upset him and told him I appreciated him being there for me during my hard times. No reply...

What could have caused him to just stop talking to me? To stop caring about me or thinking we "met for a reason"? Because I really miss him, a lot more than I thought I would, and I can't do anything about it


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  • He found another girl. That other girl has his attention.

    That's what usually happens to guys who are single. They play the field for potential girls, work on them and then escalate. Relationship starts with one, and therefore, all other girls he was after are now Xed out.

    Thats my estimated guess.


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  • Either he has found another girl, or you did something which you're absolutely certain he doesn't know about... but somehow he found out about.


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  • he lives far away,he could be a married man ,u didn't know enough about him but rolled with it via text,i think you wasted time on someone who was clearly having fun with u

  • I think he might have found another girl with hom he can be face to face.