Why is my boyfriend confusing me? What to make of this?

I am 17 and he is 16.

So through out the weekend and what not I worried, because my boyfriend who's out of state turned really weird and distant, so I thought. Like he out of the blue was really sweet one day then the next its all gone and he's really short with me and then he completely stopped texting and we didn't talk at all for 3 days.

I couldn't figure out and deduced maybe he was in trouble or busy or something.

Everyone said wait for him to come to you, he'll text you if he cares or he'll come running back. Well I did begin to worry, cause while I understand there are standards in dating, I think at this age everyone is human and we are timid shy creatures (especially since this is both our first relationship) and I bet he probably wouldn't have texted me very soon.

Well I gave in and texted him today, and he talked to me all day long. He seemed to enjoy talking to me over the phone (due to connection its mostly text) we struck up interesting conversations anyway.

I just do not understand why he's so attentive one minute then its like he changes into super stoic personality mode. It puzzles me to no avail.

Maybe its because he's still young though too? I dunno, I don't mind I'm a pretty tolerant chick with my own personal interests at heart but this did have me raising a brow.

Any enlightenment here?


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  • well first of all I am surprised you are even going out with somebody younger than you...

    but you are right it is just your age. Guys like to give girls space to make sure they aren't appearing to be clingy. That's why it appears to be the 'hot and cold' treatment, but it is just him trying to balance the time spent with you and with his own life.


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  • I don't understand why you are confused. He sometimes texts you sometimes doesn't, I don't understand your complaint


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  • I do think its the fact of your age, you need to ask him if anythigns wrong and how can you both work it out.

  • I don't think tis that bad that he takes some days to text again, but talk to him if you want it to be more constant.