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Question: After a guy receives your number, how long will he wait to call? ( just guesstimate lol)

While I was out today, a very attractive guy gave me his number. "I think you dropped this.." (it was a napkin with his number on it haha.) And so, before he left, I wrote my number on a napkin and gave it to him and told him that I was pretty sure he had dropped it lol. :)

So anyway, I did that so he would have to initiate the call. If he does call at all, how long do you think he will wait?


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  • I could of sworn you had your status to dating last time I checked. Anyhow, I think it's safe to wait at least one week. But don't forget he gave you his number too. Maybe he's just as shy as you are.

    • Nope! The last time I had a boyfriend was about 4 years ago lol. I think I've actually forgotten how to date haha


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    I personally call or text in less then 2 days.

  • sorry to ask a question over a question but when is a good amount of time to wait in your opinion? I wait 2 -3 days but I don't no if that being to keen I feel like calling them the next day is that being desperate

    • In my opinion, if you are interested in a person, you should just skip the games and call them when you feel like it haha. Like, if I were a guy and a girl gave me her number, I wouldn't think to myself "Hmmm...should I wait 3 days so she won't think I'm desperate?" ....I would just call her when I wanted to.

  • before he gave you his number did you guys talk?

    • Nope, not at all. He was trying to make eye contact all night tho lol. but that's about it

    • Hah that's funny so he just wrote his number and gave it to you randomly? maybe ill try it

  • It depends. Where did you meet him?

    • He will do it next day if he has confidence, and day after if he has game lol

    • Lol stallion! that is so true! ..........i met him @ a wedding lol

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