How to get over someone you never even dated?

I met this guy online and we talked for two months straight. I texted him almost everyday and he would reply back, but lately we both had been busy and I noticed if I never text him first he would never text me. I felt like I was getting more emotionally invested in him than he was me. Last night, I told him I could no longer do this and explained my reasons. I felt I needed closure rather than not talking to him all together. It sucks I had to tell him like I did but I don't regret my decision. He told me he enjoyed our chats and he wished he had more time but it's probably not going to happen anytime soon. For some reason, I felt a deep connection for him even though we never dated only talked in detail with random questions I would ask him to get to know him better. Has this happened to any of you before? I honestly feel like I'll never be able to get over him.


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  • It's just going through the normal grieving process because it is the same investment as dating someone.


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  • even if you werent in a relationship the feelings were there. It has happened to me too, it took a while but even after a lot of years have passed I still think about him