What should I reply? Or should I not even reply & wait?

Got to know this guy 7 weeks ago. Things been great with constant daily messages in the first 4 weeks but suddenly the messages got lesser though he still text me everyday. But is nothing more than "hi good morning" or "what are you up to".

He is out of the country most of the time. We have met 3 times so far.

Since his messages got lesser, I reciprocate the same. Let him text first then I will reply. Or sometimes I will text first. Sometimes he just ignore. I just be OK with it and not text him. But when I did not reply his text for like half a day, he will ask why and whether I am ignoring him. Honestly I did not reply either I'm busy or I do not want to seem too available every time he text.

Now he don't call nor seem interested to ask me out. Two days ago he sent me a "good morning" message but I have yet to reply.

Reply? No? What should I say? Honestly I do not want to reply after which he will just ignore me.



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  • He seems like a selfish person, that type of person that likes to ignore people when he doesn't feel like talking to them but when he wants to talk everyone shoud listen to him, if you feel so uncomfortable with it just ignore him and move on, though it can also be that he's very busy since you said he's always out of the country, maybe just call him and ask him what's going on? good luck!


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  • You should reply with a good creative one


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  • no, he is not acting correctly and then he wants you to be perfect, stop texting him