Why can't he communicate?

I got really upset at the guy I like. I'm very passive and very laid back and never get mad at anyone. He text something randomly mean to get me jealous. He's never done that before in all the time I've known him so I was in shock. Now I'm quite the texter and respond pretty quickly to texts. After he told me that, I just couldn't text or respOnd to him (which is weird for me ). Rather than text me a sorry, or if we could talk about it, 5 days later he text me a few silly pic/memes. One specifically was about an inside joke we had that in any normal circumstance, I would definitely respond to. I'm still hurt though and more confused that he sent pictures rather than talk.


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  • He can't communicate well since he's just a shy, nervous guy


What Girls Said 1

  • You like him? Does he know you like him?

    • I do like him. I know he knows I like him. People have told him. Why do you ask?