Hasn't texted me since sex.

so I've been talking to this one guy for the past two weeks and hung out once before last night. but I have known him since elementary school. but like I said we have been texting nonstop for two weeks.

the first time we hung out it was great. we went and parked his truck in a field and star gazed and just talked till 2am. we talked about our pasts. old relationships, heartbreak, and what we wanted in future relationships. it was an amazing time. he talked about how he felt used in his past relationship and said he would never use someone because he knows what it feels like to be used. and before we left he pulled me in for a kiss and stayed kissing for about 30 mins. but every time we pulled away from a kiss he was just smiling. and then I had to leave because I had to get up early to go to the beach for eight days.

while I was at the beach he was nonstop texting me and one night he told me how much he wished he was there with me and couldn't wait till I got home. he started calling me "his girl" and would say stuff like "that's my girl" and the next morning I woke up to a text that said "you think you can tame this wild ole country boy. I hope you like fishing and hunting and don't mind if I go a lot." and yesterday when I came home he texted me about the "super moon" that was going on and said it would be a beautiful night to stargaze.

so we finally met up and we got in his truck and went off to a field and went to the bed of his truck. after talking for a while I leaned in to his him and went on from there. one thing led to another and suddenly we were both naked and he told me to stop him if things got to far. after things got really hot I asked him if he had protection and he said yes. and well... you know what happens next. after we were done I got up to get my clothes back on and he wrapped his hands around me and pulled me down beside him and we just cuddled for a while and kissed some more and he rubbed my back and played with my hair and just never let me go really. but when it was time to go we got back to my car we got out and he just hugged me for a super long time and told me to drive safe and kissed me bye and then kissed me forhead. when I got home I texted him that I was home and he sent "me too" but I had fallen asleep before he had responded and so when I woke up I just sent good. and he has yet to respond. that was 10 hours ago.

now all I can think about is if I did something wrong. and I certainly don't think he's the "hit it and quit it" type. I've done everything I can to not over think and overreact, but I really like him. should I text him or just wait it out? I lost my nose ring last night he said he would look for it so should I send a text saying "hey I finally found my nose ring haha" or should I just wait?

please no "you shouldn't of slept with him" answers. I know I shouldn't have but what happens happens.

thank you guys so much! <3


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  • wait alittle longer, if not then he was obviously just looking for sex. and well the text isn't really inviting to give a good answer because it was only "good" right?


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  • hes tired or busy


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  • Okay considering you've known each other since elementary

    I don't think it was a hit an run. Give him some time. Don't text it'll make you look clinging.

  • I think he just need time, let him come to you