What's it like to do online dating? What's the good and the bad?

I'm just wondering because I'm thinking about doing online dating. All my girl friends said I should try it but my guy friends say I shouldn't do it at all and basically tried to scare the sh*t out of me to not try online dating.


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  • It works in different ways, depending on your lifestyle. It's the only choice I have right now. Read carefully the tips and terms of use on each site where you publish your profile. Make sure you stay safe when going on the first date with someone from the match-making site.

    I only use the free sites but I've heard that using a paid service is much better. You are far more likely to find a better match quickly.

    Personally, I find on-line dating easier because it is already assumed that the person you meet is interested in you, at least to some extent. I don't have to read the signs, as I am very poor at doing that.

    Some disappointments: If you use a built-in messaging system, people sometimes ignore you and not answer your messages. But one can get used to that.

    Personal observation from using free sites: People tend to me somewhat egocentric compared to the general population. I haven't objectively verified that observation.

    I find experience on GAG more rewarding than on dating sites though I am not using GAG for finding dates.


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  • "What is it like?"

    Online dating has various facets. Basically it depends on your method. If you use videocalls / chatting/ etc. then honestly it's no different than talking to a person in real life because it is talking to a person in real life. They just aren't in front of you. There are a few websites that specialize in this.

    Textual websites, most of them, rely on pictures and textual introductions. These are less reliable than videocalls. They aren't bad but they aren't good and sometimes hit or miss since people exaggerate a lot more about what they look like and always post their BEST pictures versus pictures of them at the norm.

    Then there's websites that use algorithms to match you. Some work. Some don't. It's hit or miss. It's also not worth the cost or investment since it's not guaranteed.


    1. You get to know a person in a no pressure environment.

    2. People are more likely to be honest ( if they will in the first place ) in these environments.

    3. There is no "awkward" difficulties if you walk away. Just like here you click "block" and it's over. No stalking.


    1. It is much easier to lie.

    2. Distance is a huge factor if you DON'T have the means or will to move or meet in the middle for your partner. In general it is not best if you're rooted and refuse to leave the area to use dating websites outside of your area.

    3. Emotional attachment is real but people still are on the fence about supporting those who date online thus you find plenty who will not sympathize with you if your boyfriend of 8 mos. 2,000 mis. away that you never met breaks up with you.

    There's obviously more pros and cons but others will list some. That's the basic gist.

  • Online dating is good if you live in a remote area.

  • The good part is that you'll get lots of messages.

    The bad part is most of those messages will be from weirdos and creeps.

    There ARE high-quality guys on dating sites, but many of them quit very quickly because the odds are so stacked against men online. Also, if you want a high-quality guy, then you're going to have to spend time working on your profile. If you just have a photo or you write generic things like "I love to travel", then you're not getting across your personality, and therefore guys aren't going to be attracted to you, except guys who are just after hook-ups.


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  • I met a few guys online that I am still friends with today. None of them turned into a relationship for me, but I have friends who did find a relationship. The hard part about it, is that the person is usually different in real life then how you perceive them online. However it is sinply a gateway to more dates. If the date does not go well its not a huge deal. A lot of people are looking to hook up as well. I think that people have to be smart about dating no matter what form it comes in!

    The perception of online dating as "weird and creepy" is not true. there are just as many creeps at the bar as there are online (just thought I would add) haha

  • it is just like dating

  • from my cousins experience the good is that he married the girl the bad was that he couldn't do a lot of things because he needed to stay home and talk to the girl online.

  • you just have to be really smart about it