Is this shady of my boyfriend

So my guy and I recently got in a relationship, we have dated for about 5 months and 2 weeks ago we got in a rel, but the thing is that

he still had contact with a girl he dated and they were great friends for 4 years, and dated on and off for a long time.. and he talks to her often time to time..

but when we got in a relationship she deleted him from her Facebook which was very weird,

a girl does that if she only has feelings for a guy right ?

whats more odd is that he still continued to write her

and even asked "whats up, are you mad at me :/ ?"

i mean was that a shady move? cause if he was truly over her he wouldn't do this ?

help :(:(

Today I saw he wrote her .. " why won't you awnser "


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  • Okay, so I started dating this guy. At 2 weeks, he gets friend requested by his ex. I say what's up with that? He says "We are friends, we stay in contact" So I'm like, if that's true, then why wasn't she already your friend before I came into the picture?" But whatever. That was first fight. 2 months later was Christmas, I spent $300 on him. 3 months later I find his fb message between him and her on Christmas Eve. Her: But I thought we were going to be together?" His answer "Why didn't you tell me you still had feelings for me? I still love you" and "I don't know what I am doing with this girl"

    So yea. Dump him. If he chose you over her, you would know it.

    • so he likes her?

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    • so he still wants her in his life even if he might not like like her.. but still I get hurt :(

    • That's why I told you my advice is to dump him. He's not giving you your proper place. Even if he hasn't physically cheated on you, he's still putting someone else above you. I stayed with my boyfriend for 3 years. And for 3 years I fought him for my place. He never gave it to me. She was always in his life. I finally let him go. You are in 5 months. Don't wait around like I did, for something you know is never gona happen. He's not making you his priority. You will always have doubts.

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  • it kinda looks like they're friends, but still, if my girl was still speaking often with her ex, I'd be gone. I'm still friends with all my exes, but not to the point of talking to them that often or even caring if they unfriend me on Facebook...


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  • yes, it is shady

  • well yeah. I agree with what you think of it.

  • kind of, but try to not over think it

    • how can't i?

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    • would you be OK with this if you were me :p

    • no, I wouldnt, but I would try to keep my mind of it