What are some Good ideas for hangout with new girlfriend?

I just recently started dating this girl and I really like her. We had out first kiss last week which was cut really short cause we were both afraid of her dad coming to the door as we were kissing (he has a habit of opening the door right when we get there and he's very protective). I want to be able to advance our physical relationship in that dept. nothing huge just making out or whatever. I feel like we watch movies a lot and that's what we did the past 2 times so I wanted some more ideas. Please help me out!


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  • have a picnic at the park.


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  • eating in all the restaurants that you like and going to museums

  • going to coffee shops and buying pastries


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  • Oh, you kids today! So sweet!

    You can take her for ice cream, or a walk along the docks.

    You could write a song with her, or do some awkward dancing with her.

    You can take her for a swim, or a walk along the beach and rocks.

    You could go eat at a restaurant, or watch a movie you both like or want to see.

    Hell, as long as she's got you for company, I don't think she'll mind what you do.

    At the end of the day, enjoy yourself, you're still young!