Is there anyway that I can get this guy more interested in me to ask me out?

I "met" this guy online. He seems pretty legit. He's here for school stuff, so his number is out of town number. Can't exactly talk to him on the phone unless I want to pay an insane amount of long distance. I don't have a webcam (my computer is old lol) so I can't Skype. Plus my parents computer has a webcam but they don't want me dating AT ALL even though I'm 22, my family is from India and their really backwards like that even though they've been in the States for 30 yrs.

Anyways, I want this guy to text me back and forth. But he always replies a day or two later. And then I reply a day later and then well it goes like that.

I have no dating experience but want to date this guy. Have no clue how to really...

Any help?


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  • why don't you ask him out?

    • because for once I'd like the guy to give a sh*t...but I guess that's not happening. I don't want to ask him out and seem so desperate like during the date its going to awkward because its like I want him and he doesn't want me:(

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    • guess I'll try again. I have to try so hard in every aspect of my life lol :(

    • tell either one of you ask the other out just enjoy your time with him.


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  • Be direct with him. Mature people looking to date aren't looking for people who will play games, but rather someone who will ask for what they want. That's where the highest success rate in dating lies.


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  • Some people aren't big texters.

    Just intiate contact with him more.

    Tell him you would really like to see him in person and hang out sometime.

    See his response to that.

    Then tell him when you are free if he seems interested.

  • ask him out, if you want something you have to go for it!

  • Ask him out so you can end up on MTv.

    Aka date in rl first!

    • lmao catfish... he send me his fb link so it seems pretty legit. And then he thought I was some creepy old guy first.. odd lol

    • lol well about about an IM texting app like kik or palringo? or get a calling card to use its cheaper than a long distance phone call

  • flirt more and ask him to hang out

  • just show him more interest

    • like how?

    • flirt, a lot, everything on texts seems harder to read

    • he hasn't flirted with me. I've complimented him like "your like one of the nicest guys on here" and he wld be like "thanks that's the best thing someone has said to me all day" but he doesn't ask for more pics or anything its not sexual at all lol and a lot of guys online jump to send me more pics etc. so its odd he isn't asking.