Is it normal to act like this after a first date?

so I met this guy in Paris! it happened that both of us went there to attend the same forum & we were staying for 3 days over there! we met a lot during the forum & we totally clicked & had crush on each other! we stayed in touch after we came back home for couple of weeks then we finally decided to meet again for a cup of coffe! things went great, we had long conversations & he ended the meetings saying : we should do this more often and everything seemed great!

its been couple of days & I never herd from him! should I just wait! its weird that he disappeared though he text me right after the meeting saying " thank you" !


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  • Just give it about a week or so.

    If he doesn't answer back, then send him a message or give him a call.

    I know you feel anxious because you really like.

    But hold in there :)

    It will be alright.


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  • You should just talk to him. You're officially past the age where that nonsense is sensible. Men don't have cooties anymore.

    • By the way who is "acting" like what exactly? Not to be rude of course but I don't get it.

    • lol sorry am so sleepy! I just figured I wasn't clear!

      Him acting so excited and saying how we should do that more often and arrange more meetings then later on I never hear from him!

      and thank you for your comment :)

    • It's only been 3 days. I can't say really because I don't know how busy you two are as people since I have no idea what either of you do.

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  • wait a few more days

  • paris, isn't it gorgeous, I miss it so much, I think you should just talk to him!

  • well just tlak to him and stop waiting for him to do it!