Q for girls: How many times has a guy absolutely flipped out on you if you've turned them down?

I've heard stories of girls getting ridiculous angry text messages and stuff from guys, when the girl's not interested. How often is this and what's the worst situation you've had?


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  • I've gotten a few one one guy called me a whore because I was doing home work and said I was busy.

    I have even been threatened that a guy would kill me and my family and make me loose my job.

    Similar to his words : I'm going to call your jobs corporate and tell them you spit in on my food in front of me and get you fired then I'm going to cut your throat and drag you on the back of my car at 100mph and burn your house down when your family is sleeping.

    My response: sent him address to my job and said do it. ( if he showed up as a joke adrenaline rush probably would have got me fired I don't do threats to my family and I probably would have killed him or tried one of the only other times I've been extremely heated!) the second time I was that mad my sister spit in my face and I lost my mind for a minute. I never hit anyone in my life before then.

    He never came I heard from him a few more times he tried being nice I changed my number then I saw him on the jail site a couple months later but only for drugs if they didn't have a description I would have thought he killed someone.

    His reason because I told him I don't want to hang out the guy lived 40 miles away and never drive to see me so I was like I'm not driving all that way for him if he isn't doing the same plus he gave me a life schedule of my plans of life such as he won't get tested. We won't be using condoms. If you get pregnant your getting an Abortion if you don't ill kill the baby inside of you. Your going to move in with me in a month. And you need to come spend the night every weekend those are some of the reasons I also stopped talking to the nut case..


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  • no times

  • none

  • well twice I guess. one here and the other of a guy that was really mean he though ti knew about it but I had no idea it wasn't bad becasue I didn't pay attention


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