I met this guy not to long ago and we were texting and he completly stopped?

So I met this guy and we talked for hours we didn't make out or anything and I found out he has a girlfriend but he and everyone we were with says it's completed with them two plus he's 18 & she's 20.. so he told me that he's not the player type at all and that he's just exploring his options and the next day he added me and I got his number and we started texting 2 days after I met him and we were texting for 2 days straight.. than he completly stopped .. but I never replied to see why he never replied so I just found out him and his girlfriend are cool again but he doesn't trust her like he used too.. and all his friends are telling me he's trying to get on with me.. but I guess he started catching feelings for me so he stopped replying be honest what do you think? Because I do like him and I'm going to see him and all our friends on Sunday anyways..


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  • well he realized that what he was doing was wrong. let him choose but don't push himand ruin a relationship.


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  • "he's just exploring his options and the next day he added me" - That's a trait of a player according to your description...

    Do you want to be treated like an option?

    if he truly likes you back then he would never do such a thing..

    You know ,Many girls somehow believe that if they put up with a guy's bad behavior long enough, that he will eventually see how much she loves him, and will love and respect her equally in return. Unfortunately, this is a totally misguided notion.

    Most guys want a fun, self-confident girl, who respects herself, and who doesn't need him to have a good time. Once a guy knows you can't live without him, and will put up with any selfish or bad behavior he dishes out, your chances of keeping him challenged and interested in you goes right out the window.

    Not only should you respect other people, but you should demand the same degree of respect for yourself. You should never put up with any kind disrespect from anyone, especially a person you are in a relationship with. You will have a much better chance of keeping a guy interested in you if you stand up yourself, than if you allow him to walk all over you.

    Just remember that there are 4 billion guys on the planet. If the guy you are with starts displaying negative, or disrespective behavior towards you, be willing to walk away. If you do, it's very possible he will chase after you with new found respect. A respect he will never have for you if you can't respect yourself enough to leave.

    hope this helped :)

    good luck bud..!


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  • he is a player

  • well I think you are right, I wouldn't advice you to keep pursuing him unless he stops being boyfriend and girlfriend with the other girl.