Do you think this is cheesy?

so I'm dating this foreign girl

our 2nd date is coming up soon

so in the middle of it, ill say that I learned some words from your language

but ill be all like ill tell you later and be all vague and playful about it

but by the end of the night, if the date went well, ill say that I like you in her language (I got pretty good at it, believe me)

then ill proceed with the first good night kiss if she is charmed

what do you think?

charming or cheesy?


Most Helpful Girl

  • it is kind of cheesy ahhaa


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What Girls Said 2

  • Yes its cheesy

  • very cheesy


What Guys Said 2

  • That is horribly cheesy and also lacks imagination, creativity, sensitivity, and only makes a person wonder how serious you are about learning the basics of their culture. Now see if you got them a gift based on their culture, less popular, learned the name of it, and then learned how to present it in the most respectful way you could that would be genius, but you aren't me, so you wouldn't have thought of this.

    to that end go ahead and do your little stunt. No matter what if she likes you the fact that you did it, cheesy as it is, will make her giggle and she'll see it as a humorous but empty and devoid gesture. You win either way.

    • Okay, calm down, sir. No need to call me culturally incompetent and chastise me as an imbecile compared to how much of a bloody genius you proclaim to be. I see it simply as a cute gesture since I've been immersed in her culture and language before I met her anyways.

      Well, whatever. You made your point. I won't be doing this "stunt" as you say.


    • What the heck? I said to do it! And now you won't? I'm mad.

  • Do it ! Make it fun though laugh at yourself. Girls love cheesy. I bet she'll appreciate the time and effort you took.