She doesn't appear interested in me but her girlfriends are so OK to date them instead

there is this girl I know , sort of the girl next door , have been interested in her for a while now but nothing much has happened yet and I'm not really sure she is at all interested but its taken a turn for the bizarre as I've recently meet a few of her gf's at the bar and they have actually been interested in talking to me and one appears really interested . the one I might just be a friend but other one I'd say wants more . but I find it really odd girl I really like isn't that interested in even talking to me but her gf's one is like her best friend is .

whats going on here is this common ? girls want to feel the attention there gf's got even if they know guy isn't into them much and likes other girl ?


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  • Maybe you just aren't a good match for the girl you liked first, but are a good match for the other girl. One time I was set up on a date with a guy that I didn't click with, but he ended up married to the girl that set us up!

    • not sure as they all seem really similar , same age , in college , same town . there isn't a lot different between the 3 of them . unless the one I like has way different tastes or standards in guys or some other reason she doesn't like me . it just seems odd they'd want to be friends with me but she is so distant and hard to talk to

    • None of those things make a girl similar. Those are just demographics.


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  • well go for one of the other girls.

    • the one may just see me as a friend but I'm not 100% sure what she thinks about me , I'd on some level find it odd to be dating one of her friends if what I really wanted was her but they are hot so it wouldn't exactly be a bad opportunity for me

  • date the other girls

  • maybe she is trying to differentiate herself

    • how that doesn't make sense ? I'm not sure what you mean by that

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