Why would my boyfriend of three years be on a dating site?

My boyfriend of three years had me at his house today to hook up a new wifi router for his son. When I was done, I had to reconfigure his Mac desktop as well. When I was done, I went to log into Facebook using the search bar at the top of the screen. Weeeelllll, another woman's Facebook account popped up (my boyfriend says he doesn't have Facebook), and SEVERAL links to the dating site where we met THREE years ago popped up too. He said he never heard of the woman in the Facebook profile, even though she was his age and not his son's, therefore not his son's friend. He also said he still gets emails from the dating site, but I helped him cancel that account soon after we started dating. I don't think any links would stay in his browser history for three years. What do you all think? Is it possible? I want to believe he's a good man. I really do.

UPDATE: After a couple of weeks off, he came to me and admitted that he was on a dating site because he felt lonely. We live an hour away from one another and only see each other about once a week. What bothers me most is that I was lonely too, and I would have loved a phone call or visit. Instead, he turned to other women. He said he never met them or talked about anything intimate, but I am having a hard time trusting that. He has been very apologetic, but how do I trust him again?


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  • Either he wants to keep his opportunitied open or he doesn't care about it anymore to delete it


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  • Give him the benefit of the doubt but be cautious. Some of the things you mentioned are signs of a man who likes to roam. I'm just saying.

    • Hmmm. Can you be more specific? What signs do you see here?

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    • Well, I've already tried to track him down on the site he was on, and I can't find him. It's the dating site on which we met a few years ago. I suppose I could go through the hassle, but I think he's already deleted his account. He was very anonymous on the site when we met, and he never used a picture or gave much information. It's probably the same this time, ergo making it harder to find him if he's still there.

    • LOL I hear you. @ least You got it off UR chest and that's what counts. Hope I was of some assistance.

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  • maybe he doesn't remember he has it

  • well I would ask him or try and se eif he is still active and make a fake profile to talk to him.