I lost interest...what should I do?

I am casually dating this guy and other people as well. So, to make a long story short. He doesn't text me GM anymore, or sweet messages more so after we 've became intimate (no sex).

One night, I asked him to call me so I could hear his voice before I go to bed and just leaving sweet text messages, such as I would love to kiss him in the rain. He didn't respond to any of those, but he called me the next day in the afternoon then texted, where are you?

I am no longer interested in this guy romantically anymore ( he slacked off a lot) because I feel like he isn't putting any effort into any of this. When I notice that a guy puts me at the bottom of his list, I immediately lose feelings for him. I want to have lunch/dinner with him as a friend, but I think that he might try to become intimate with me again?

Should I tell him how I feel? ( Seems like he just wants to have sex with me w/o the romance...)or just not talk to him anymore?


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  • Simply tell him you aren't interested anymore and you are ready to go your desperate way.

    If he asks why, then be honest with him. If he's acting like this now, could you only imagine how unstimulated he'll be in a full blown relationship.

    Staying friends, is also a waste of time. Simply cut your losses and move on.


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  • Your casually dating him and OTHERS at same time no wonder you went to the bottom of his list. Did you people miss the fact there are more then one person in her life she is dating. Pick one or stop complaining when one treats you like you are them

    • You are just bitter because someone put you at the bottom of their list. SHUT IT

    • Not bitter lol. Just find it funny he treating you like you treat him and you don't like it

  • Tell the man how you feel. Also don't try to have dinner as friends.


What Girls Said 4

  • Then just be honest with him. You don't see him as something more than just a friend now and if he asks why.. Give him a short explanation or not.. (You don't need to jusitify it).

    Whatever he wants from you, doesn't matter anymore since you're no longer interested in him.

  • i think you can't really ask anything from him if it is casual

  • just tell him you don't want to pursue anything with him anymore.

  • i don't think so