I'm new to the city difficulty having women converse with me

I don't know anyone here. I say hi to girls or ask them for opinions on food items if at grocery store. But I get frowned at or looked at like I'm a player and it sucks. I want to be able to converse and get a girlfriend I've already done all of that playing games and flings I'm sick of it its boring nothing good comes from it but being branded a bastard and whore. I want a woman whom I can run to anytime and kiss her like its the end of the world and let her know I care for her. To chill out at home creating snacks and teasing each other and she can play with my hair and I can tickle her . Share our feelings and get through arguments so we can make up. Its been long while since I've had a serious relationship and I do miss it. Tickling hands and feet at bed time cuddling anytime showering or having a fun bath together. I seem to have lost all essential skills to confront and meet a woman especially without having friends to introduce and I feel awkward when I'm looked at with a scowl... not sure how to go about it anymore. I also don't care for bars


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  • just try to be firenly

  • just tlak to any girl but don't seem like you ar einterested just talk like how you would tlak to a guy and don't talk all to girls only.


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