If I want this guy to be interested in me, how often should I text him?

I'm trying to see if I can get this guy to like me again - we had a thing a while ago but it was bad timing. We're single again now and so I texted him Monday and then again yesterday (Thursday). How many days do you think I should wait before texting again? I don't want it to be too soon but I want him to starting thinking about me haha. And I want to show I'm interested because he might not know I'm single. I'm thinking like 5-7 days, thoughts? More or less, explain?


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  • Dude I totally know how you feel...Since it summer it seem header, at least for me. Everyone has their summer jobs trying to get money before school starts, so their a lot of thinking (positive and negative) going on. I am currently texting within 5 days. I know the guy I like works Sunday-Friday. So Friday night I usually text him figuring he will be done with work ready to relax and not stress about the next day of work. Also I feel like your thinking about them, but your not too desperate because you "forgot" for a few days.

    • Yeah, exactly, I'm don't want to seem desperate but still want him to be thinking about me haha. Thanks!


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  • i think you should text much

  • i think that's a good idea.