He never texts me first.

I like this guy and I think that he likes me too. The only negative is that he never texts me first. If I text him he will reply and ask questions and we chat for about an hour. I text him a few times a week.

In person he often initiates conversation.

Is he just being friendly? Or could it be more? Should I keep initiating text conversations? Or should I wait for him?


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  • He's probably not much of a texter. Most guys aren't really into texting. With guys that aren't into texting, count your lucky stars that he's even bothering to answer your texts and keep a conversation going. At least he's showing some interest there.

    And you said in person he initiates conversation? That to me, is a better confirmation of interest. Like I said, guys have weird texting habits, and don't see texting as a way getting to know a girl. If he's being attentive in person, that's a better sign to look at.

    I can't really say whether he's being friendly or not. Usually friendly people will be super nice in person, but still won't answer texts if they aren't interested. So, if he's attentive in person, and at least answers your texts, that's probably a sign of interest. If he was only friendly, he wouldn't answer your texts. It also depends on the context of your text conversations; whether they're flirty or general.

    If you're really interested in this guy, keep initiating text conversations. It might take a little time. Once he's more secure with you, he'll probably start initiating some text conversations too. I was interested in a guy who was super friendly in person, but boring over text and hardly responsive. I stuck it out and continued texting him (but only every three or four days), and hung out with him more. Eventually, he started initiating text conversations too and became more interesting over text.


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  • I was in a similar situation, and he was just being friendly. You can continue to start conversations, but you'll still only be friends

  • i think he doesn't like you properly

  • i think you are his black up plan.

  • Then stop texting him and see what happens.