Texting out of the blue (Quick question)

Do you guys find it weird that a girl you used to like and haven't talked to in ages, texts you out of the blue ?

Quick story :

Guy I've liked for over a year now, used to text for like 8 months, then stopped because I started having a boyfriend, then moved to another country for an internship, and in the meantime he got a girlfriend as well.

But never talked to each other in person because I'm too shy and I don't know what's up with him, even though we were in the same school, it's really ridiculous. He knows I like him, but not sure what his feelings are for me, even though I know he thinks I'm attrative.

Now I'm back no boyfriend, he hasn't got a girlfriend either, "hung out" recently at a club, feelings on my side started to come back, and I could feel something from him too, he "accidentally" touched my hand, and I wanted to text him just to catch up I guess, but scared of his reaction.

Basically, HELP ME PLEASE ha ha, thanks :) !

We're both 18 by the way, if that helps !


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  • I think you should text him. I also think to eliminate all this grey area that you should really try to speak and build a personal relationship beyond just the phone. It seems to me that you both like each other so to avoid a situation where there are so many questions try to start communicating with him either in person or talking over the phone...good luck. I def think he is into you and I think you should reach out to him one way or another to at least say hi. Don't be shy if he is a decent guy he will at the very least talk to you and it would be better to find out how he feels rather than always wonder


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  • if I were you I would text him

  • well if he did that and wanted to hang out in the club then he must still feel something for you. text him and see if he really does, you have nothing to lose.

  • Go for it and text him already! :D