He stopped texting me - do you think it will work for me to start it again a year later?

This guy and I were kind of in the pre-dating stages for a month or two, texting a lot, but apart because of school. Eventually he just stopped texting me because of the distance and because he was busy with classes and such. That was a year and a half ago, and I was over it and it was fine, but now I started talking to him again, and I think it might be fun to try again. Do you think there's actually a chance it could work, or am I being stupid, since he was the one who ended it before? I'm fine with forgiving him for ignoring me and all that, but I don't want to just go for it if its going to be the same thing all over again.


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  • No, he just wants to be with a girl right now. When he gets tired of it he will do the same thing again.

    • That's what I'm afraid of. It just comes down to should I give him another chance and try again or should I learn from the past and move on? Even the answers on here seem to be divided.

    • Only you can answer that. As long as you know that it will probably happen again then just make an informed decision and live with the results. Obviously, you like him a lot because you wouldn't consider this if you didn't given his history so it may be worth it to you.


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  • You were over what exactly? Not getting texts? You are talking as if you were regularly sleeping together and he disappeared. I don't understand what you forgave.

    Gee, should you take the chance that guys take every time they ask a woman out? Take a chance that things might not turn out well, that you might get rejected? Put on your big-girl panties. Guys do it all the time, they get burnt, they go on.

    Or not, die alone, whatever, your choice.

    • haha dude you can chill.

      Yeah I have no problem taking a chance and asking, but if he lost interest before, maybe there's no chance he'd be interested now, in which case why would I bother?

    • Oh, also to answer your question, I was over the feeling of hurt that I experienced when he decided to stop texting me out of the blue, after telling me he was going to come visit me, etc. I think that was something that merits being disappointed.

  • no, its over. too much time has passed.


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  • just try, it could end up well. if it doesn't he's far away so you don't have to see him, right?

    • Yeah true, I may as well. However I sort of also agree with the comment before yours that it might not be worth it.

  • i would give it a try and see if anything has changed, I prefer to regret something I have done rather than something I havent.

    • That's very true, I feel the same way.

    • :)

  • i don't think it is worth it

    • Yeah that's basically what I'm wondering.