Hung out, she texted me the next day, but she has a boyfriend

Hung out with a girl I hadn't seen in a few years. She has a boyfriend, though. Anyway, we had a lot of fun, and when it was over, I was just in my car when she texted me that it was good to see me again.

Then the next night, late night, she texted me just to say hi.

However, she seems to be in quite a serious relationship. If she was single, I would take those texts to mean she was interested, however I think she might just see me as a friend since she's in a new city by herself. Do you think I'm right?

It's been four days since then, haven't heard anything from her. There's a chance she might text later in the week to hang out though, maybe not.


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  • i think she is only being friendly


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  • i just think she's being friendly and she sends those texts because you havne seen her in years so she wants you to know she was rela about seeing you instead of doing it for compromise.


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  • she was friendly dude, find a single girl