Guys: do you enjoy good morning texts?

Do you enjoy getting good morning texts from your girlfriend?

I figured some mornings my boyfriend might have a stressful day at work. For me, when I'm in a bad mood or stressed out its nice to get a sweet text reminder that my mans thinking about me. For me, its a mood lifter. And it's always nice to be reminded that I'm loved. :P But are guys similar in this way? Every other day I send him texts like good morning or hope your days going well. I never expect him to reply all the time. Sometimes hell reply on break and well start chit chatting, other times well just talk when he gets home or off work. I asked him a couple months ago if they annoy him because I can stop. He says no, theyre nice and he doesn't MIND them, but what if he was just trying to be nice?

Men, would you get annoyed when you get such texts (every other day) or do they put a smile on your face?


Ladies, you can vote on what you think men/your man would say

  • I enjoy them and the fact that my ladys thinking of me
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  • Once a ______ is nice. Other than that leave me alone (fill in the blank in an answer)
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  • Never/too cheesy/too much
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  • Depends on the guy. Personally I like 'em. It doesn't even have to be sent everyday nor does it need to be a conversation starter. As long as the message is there, it lets me know that my girl's thinking of me. Likewise, I'll put effort in sending a message too if I happen to wake up early.


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What Guys Said 5

  • I like the once in a while. Every morning will get very repetitive fast, and lose it's magic. It's better as a surprise every month or so. It would make me smile and have a great day :)

  • I absolutely enjoy those kind of texts...and I show my appreciation by texting back. 8-)

  • Yes, but it depends on who's sending the text, and I don't mind receiving them at least 3 or 4 times in a random week.

  • if he loves you he'll be happy to see that dam text every morning

  • I like them. But, Good Morning BJ's are better.


What Girls Said 5

  • My guy enjoys daily good morning texts. He says they make him smile. I usually wake up before he does, but when I sleep in, I wake up to a text from him and it gets me all happy and giggly. :)

  • Honestly I asked my guy once if my good morning texts were worth it and he said yes they start his morning off better and that I shouldn't stop them as he got used to them. If I forgot one morning to send it he felt bothered because it made him feel good. He doesn't always text me back but he enjoys them all the same.

  • As long they aren't too cheesy I am sure they won't mind them but usually sensitive guys adore those kinds of texts.

  • certain guys seem to like them

  • i would say they don't care much about them