Should I kick her to the curb?

I moved my girlfriend in to help her out. She stay with me because of housing situation. I caught her talking to my friend and they both was flirting through text messages. now I'm hearing she talk to another guy on the side. I asked her but she told me no, and that people think she do all kinds of stuff. I been with her since November and nothing has changed. I basically had to help her with things her mom should have been doing. Since I'm 22, I feel like she benefiting from me only. I sometimes wonder why she talk to guys, just in case we breakup,she will have someone else. Early in the mornings, I take her to work. Basically I be her mom. I left my ex for her.


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  • If you left one girl to be with another, then I do hope she's lining one up in case it doesn't work with you. Then you can see how it feels to be decieved by the one you love to have them move on to another person. I'd say this is karma taking it's tole. You may be filling in for her mother, but you signed up for the job bucko. You reap what you sew.

    • Way to stay on point, venting your agenda must have been so helpful to him.

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    • he didn't say he was hitting up this girl before he broke it off with his ex, he merely said he left his ex for her... that's pretty common. now if he was cheating on his ex thatd be cause for you to act like this, but as it stands your kinda coming at this outa nowhere

    • If you already have someone picked out, before the relationship ends, you are emotionally cheating.


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  • yes I don't think she's taking the relationship seriously and she's not respeceting you or appreciating all the things you do for her.

  • I think you should, if she wants to be with other guys then she should be free to do it and you would be happy not having a cheating girlfreind


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  • lol when I read this I thought you asked if you should kick her in the womb lol!

    but I mean you have to talk to her, if you believe her then don't, I'm a little biased because my friends have had it happen where people make rumors only to find out later that it never actually happened. but if you've already caught her, or catch her again id drop her ass fast

    • The first time I caught her was when my friend told me and he never lies about things like this and he ended up right... Now I'm hearing from my friends she's doing other things...she said that people think she doing all kind of stuff but she not...but she be texting other guys, but I should not even have to deal with cheating accusations.

    • And she was cheating with my friend...she said she don't know why she did it

    • actually cheating? or just talking? and I would have dropped her then if she actually cheated, but if you don't have proof now, id be wary because sometimes bitches just be trying to f*** up your relationship... but it sounds like you have reasonable cause to drop her imo

  • Yes, you should.