I always get flaked on or am overwhelming during texting? Need help please!!

People love me in person, but then once we start texting I always overwhelm others. How do I schedule plans via text without being overwhelming or people saying they need to flake and feeling uncomftorable. I see some people regularly and others not regularly. I have always sucked at texting, honest, even losing two girlfriends over poor text skills. How do you text effectively.


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  • Um... I cannot really say because I don't know how you text. Write in actual English instead of text speech, don't constantly text, just for no longer that 30 minutes per day, spread out (unless you are in a deep conversation), don't push yourself on people, respond if people do text, text first. That's the best I've got, based on my experience with getting annoyed with other texters. I am also a modest texter because I am usually busy or just not interested in texting, and get annoyed with people who seem needy and seem like they insist I text all the time.

    • great ideas, I will try not to be pushy in plans.


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  • well jsut do it every other day and don't talk for a lot of hours.

  • you need to be more direct and not take bs, these girls don't respect you.

    • why do you think its disrespect? maybe I am overwhelming them instead of them trying to be disrespectful. I do not understand why girls flake.

  • i think maybe you are doing it wrong

  • Write better texts


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