Should I text him again? Or am I bothering him?

So I like this guy. We met back in March I was going to get his number but his phone was broken so he couldn't text. Two weeks ago I asked him for his number because I wanted to keep in touch (we live in different states). So he gave me his and I just told him he can save my number when I text him. I ended up seeing him again for a couple of days and texted the next day after I had left. He replied really fast but it was late so I asked him if he was sleepy. He said he was so I said goodnight and told him Id talk to him later. He never texted back. It's been since Sunday but I don't know if I should text him again. He's really cool and I think he likes me too but I don't wanna feel like I'm bothering him.


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  • i wouldn't text him again unless he does it.

  • i don't think you are bothering him