Girls, would you date a nice guy?

I can be classified as a "nice guy", I'm not an @sshole, I'm not a girl hitter. I'm just a no challenge easy guy that respects women and that is nice to them.

I've heard that women don't like dating nice guys and I've been felling discouraged but I can't change my personality. If a girl wants some company then I'm here, I'm not that hideous am I? :(

Do girls like nice guys?

Girls post only please.

Just because I'm nice doesn't mean I'm boring, it's a stereotype that's not true, I'm very outgoing I like going out and doing stuff.


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  • Every girl is different. Not all girls want a douche bag as a partner


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  • link maybe you guys will listen if a man says it.

    • What that guy says is completely right, but it's not a good advertisement for women lol. It's strange that women seem to like this video, as it's basically insulting them.

    • doesn't matter,at least it's the truth.

    • he has a couple good points but this good things happen to good people nonsense is a bit much to be taken seriously.

  • i like nice guys actually I have a obyfrined who is a nice guy.

  • yes, I had crushes on nice guys.

  • That video is totally right. Of course all girls want a nice guy. But actions speak louder than words. I don't tell guys that I'm a great girl and would be an awesome addition to their life... I show them. Also, most guys who say they are nice, are really passive... and boring. And for gods' sake if you don't know what innuendo is, learn it. So called nice guys can't get a girl because we can't imagine them in our bed. Nice = boring. I'm going to detour here a bit but when I was judging 4H as a teen we were taught to never ever use the word “nice” as its a poor description of anything. Moral, don't say you're a nice guy, be a good person.

    We want a guy that is fun to be around, that acts like a normal guy (we know you have dirty minds, you don't have to pretend you don't) and treats us well.

    • I'm very outgoing and certainly not boring, I love going out and doing stuff especially with a partner.

      I know what innuendo is.

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  • They would date him of course. He's nice after all

  • If they're attractive of course they would.

  • It's better to portray yourself as a bit of an a**hole who isn't a total monster and who recognizes the need for self-improvement.

    If you call yourself a nice guy, girls will expect you to never have any desires of your own, never to lose your temper, etc, etc. And no they won't have sex with you, "because a nice guy wouldn't even think that way".

    • I know you said only girls shoudl post. But the fact that the only female answer you've had so far is a link to a man's video should tell you all you need to know.