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Greetings everyone,

I'm new here and just taking a look around. Any tips or advice, things to look for, or look out for?



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  • Welcome to the site!

    I came here a couple of months ago to get help on a problem with my girlfriend, and never left the site. Most people are pretty straightforward, and make an honest effort to help you solve your problems. I have encountered one or two "bomb -throwers" that just want to ridicule people and criticize them. You won't have trouble picking them out, because their sarcasm really stands out on the site. One point; this site isn't really a social site or a dating site. I suppose you could use it for that if you wanted to, because you can go to a member's profile, and communicate with them individually if you want to. What I've found, is that most people come here because they genuinely want to seek help for their problems, and to get advice from, and give advice to, others on the site. Once you are here awhile, you will see a lot of the same names, and recognize the high " xpers". These are the people that really care, and try to help other people on the site Good luck, and don't be afraid to communicate here on this site. Its definitely a positive experience!


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  • Not really. What you see is what you get. If you have any questions ask away and if you have any advice to give answer away :)

  • I agree with April 100%

  • This is a great site to be in. I'm fairly new myself, and I'm grateful for finding it.

    Just post a question and we'll answer away. Just read our posts and feel free to answer.


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  • Greetings - welcome.