Kissing a boyfriend?

Ok, have been dating for a month now and we've known each other for two years mostly being friends.The problem is I don't want to kiss him. He's dated a LOT of others girls. Worst of all he said he loves me but I didn't say it back because I don't feel the same this soon in the relationship.

I don't known what to do I want to end but part of me want to continue it.

What should I do?


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  • A month and you haven't kissed yet? I've got two bits of advice:

    1 - take it at your own pace but realize how small a thing kissing is

    2 - stop lying about your age online, you're evidently well below the age limit for this site.

    • Actually I am 18 and I won't just kiss him just because we are in a relationship. But thanks for your first advice.

    • One of the fundimentals of a relationship is intimacy and one of the fundimentals of intimacy is kissing.

      Im not quite sure how you can say you're dating someone yet not be comfortable with the idea of kissing them


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  • i think you should try to kiss more and practice you will like it later trut me

  • well tell him you need proff that he likes you since he said it too soon. then look at how you don't need to worry about his past relationships. kiss him.

  • i don't think he actually loves you if he's known you 2 years and only started having feelings now&that quick? if you don't wanna kiss hi don't put yourself in a scenario where it would be easy to kiss you