I am really confused

So this girl and I have been somewhat seeing each other for the past 5 months and yes we have been intimate with each other and I feel as if she has been confused about how she feels about me. So this one night we were hanging out at my place, keep in mind my roommate was over and he doesn't really like her for some reason, and to avoid him overhearing our conversation she sent me a text saying " I need to get over you" I texted back and asked her what she is talking about, she then said "you will find someone", I tried to convince her that I am still interested in her I think that she said all of this because I think she thinks I have moved on from her. I need some advice on what she is talking about, is she really trying to get over me?


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  • just talk to her about it

  • i think there is no way of us knowing, you need to ask her and make her be honest with you


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