What do you make of all of this?

Back in January I met Tom and he and I really hit it off. He has had a girlfriend for 2.5 years and made it clear that he did. Right around March, we randomly ran into each other and started hanging out. He was VERY persistent and constantly wanted to hang out, which at first was strange to me but then as we did hang out we really had a ton in common. As we grew closer, I found myself more attracted to him.

He broke up with his girlfriend in May and pretty heavily pursued me. Nothing ever really developed from it and then him and his girlfriend got back together. When he told me there was a tinge of jealousy on my end but what could I do.

He is an incredibly decent man to me. We text all day every day however this week the dynamic changed between us. Prior to this week he never crossed the line of friendship. However, the other night, while watching a few movies, he and I wound up cuddling all night to the point we fell asleep together until the morning.

The cuddling got pretty intense and in all honesty, I wanted it to be so much more but we had both been drinking and I am so happy after sobering up we didn't cross any boundaries outside of cuddling. We didn't even kiss. However, the next morning he got up to go to the bathroom and he thought I was asleep. He kissed me twice gently on my lips as I was awake but he didn't know.

We have been inseparable ever since just cuddling and holding hands whenever we get a chance. Last night, I addressed the girlfriend and he told me how he feels the need to break up with her. He also asked if it made me uncomfortable that we cuddle as friends...he told me how he loves his girlfriend but knows it won't work. He said he wasn't interested in anyone else, but then told me about how he thinks I am gorgeous and smart and funny and so attractive to him. Last night he stopped by just because he said he wanted to be with me and really needed to see me and he just held me and we talked for hours.

I actually can not stop thinking abut him. He is actually driving me crazy with how much he is on my mind. What do you make of all of this?


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  • he told you he loved his girlfriend? That's sick, really. He cuddles and holds your hand BUT you forget he has a girlfriend with whom he got back together second time. This guy you are seeing is a player. I'm sorry my words sound tough but look at the big picture, he is complimenting you while he is in a relationship. It's not fair to you. If he wants to be with you he really needs to leave his GF. And he needs to gain your respect because what he is doing now with you might do again with another one while you are his girlfriend! At the time being you are his second option.


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  • I think you are finding the attraction of forbidden fruit. but beware people who talk about breaking up all the time, and then stay together. The talk is just to get you into bed, in all likelihood.

    Then he'll, once again, go back to her. That's the usual scenario with a guy like this. He won't give up his security blanket with her!

  • It seems that he really likes you more than the hookup that happened.


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  • well I think you are wrong to do that and should stop seeing him.