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My boyfriend of 2 years hasn't taken me out on a date since mother's day and I don't know if you would classify it as a date since our mothers went, along with his father. I know it isn't a money issue because he went on several shopping trips recently and bought tons of things for himself (none for me but oh well) and silly things like more shoes and more clothes (trust me he has enough of both those things). My mom had a talk with me and told me since he went to a really popular local mall yesterday and he could've easily invited me but she found it weird that he didn't. I'm starting to find it weird also because it has been a really long time since we've gone out together. What we usually do is have a night in and watch movies but that's everynight no couple stays in as much as we do and its getting frustrated. Leave a comment please.


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  • relationships can sometimes get boring after a couple years , maybe there is a birthday or something coming up and you can ask him if he wants to go out for that ? I agree if he's dating you he should take you out , maybe just mention to him you'd be interested in doing something different or getting out a bit more as its summer and nice out


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  • You're not even 18. Give over already.

    • I turn 18 this year. Plus, all I want is some advice

    • That's the advice! GET OVER IT.

      At your age, dating is supposed to be relatively hassle free - you should not be judging a guy based on such meaningless trivialities. You'll have plenty of time for that when you're a bitter twice divorced single mother at 35.

    • Thank you for that comment you have now been reported!

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  • Hi :) well I know this could be frustrating , but don't let it eat you up . why don't you invite him to do sthg special for only the two of you sometimes , sthg you enjoy doing together , since your dating for a long time now , he doesn't have to initiate everything all the time ! try to get the spark again in your relationship and remind him how beautifull being on a date with you could be , surprise him ! and about the gifts , all I can say is men don't think like us women ; maybe it just didn't come to his mind to buy you a gift though he was thinking about you .. just as simple as that ; then if you want sthg tell him , many of them won't get the hints you give them!
    Anyway if you did all this and you see no change then I think its time to talk to him and express your feelings , it will spare you the headache .
    good luck

  • take him out on a date e. then you get to go on a date and you can stop whining.