Please help my boyfriend is acting weird!!!

So we have been dating a month official for 2 weeks... He had a stalker that texted me and then I got this other text from this chick that said my boyfriend had gotten her friend pregnant and that I meant nothing to him I was thinking this was the stalker I texted him and told him and he didn't respond. he hasn't answered my calls or texts in a week he did reply on fb that "we just need to talk"... so what's going on? why won't he talk to me? did he really get this girl pregnant? and how do I handle this? I even texted him to reply yes if he wanted to break up and he didn't respond so idn if he's just waiting on something or if he already considers your broken up? idn HELP


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  • Stop feeding your speculative mind. You don't know the range of circumstances and assumptions are worthless as such. Until you speak with him, assume nothing. If he remains unreachable then it's up to you to decide whether or not he's worth the investment but I suggest you only factor in what you know and not what you assume.


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  • You need to calm yourself down first. Then call him and set a time and place to talk this out. If it comes down to not being together then it wasn't meant to be.