What are inappropriate behaviors you have had or done on a FIRST DATE?

Tell me the worst experience youve had or done..purposely or just didn't notice until after the date was over?


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  • The girl came over to the table in the pizzaria (I was already there and seated) and I stood up, smiled and said Hi. And the first words out of her mouth were "I'm not what you expected, am I? I can tell"

    The girl was not fat, not ugly or anything like that. And I had done nothing out of the ordinary. She just had the absolute worst lack of confidence in a human being.

    She spent most of the date saying it was okay if I wanted to leave - I couldn't get her to stop belittling herself. Finally, I said if she did it again, I would leave. And that would be the end of it. She waited about three seconds before saying "Well if that's the excuse you want to go with..."

    I left her there and did not look back.


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  • Passed gas. We went for Taco Bell and had too many bean burritos

  • sexual rererences

  • I have never really had a traditional first date, but something awkward I said while hanging with my boyfriend at the time and his ex(our mutual friend) was I told my mom on the phone I was hanging out with my friend(his ex) and her boyfriend (my boyfriend at the time) I wasn't really thinking I just said it to cover my ass because I wasn't allowed to date. They were both super embarrassed..haha