Dating A Younger Woman?

Guys: for guys who are 35 and older... Would you ever date a woman who is 28 years old? If not why and under what circumstances would you reconsider the possibility? What might change your mind?


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  • If I'm 35-39? Probably not. I'd probably still stay within the 19-24 age range.

    Would I ever day a woman that was 28? Sure. Under what circumstances? Well, that's pretty easy, the circumstance of not being able to date women 19-24. So, maybe I'm 40+, or my financial situation has taken a big hit, and I have to settle for someone that's close to or in her 30s.

    What might change my mind? Hmm. Well, I guess there are some benefits to a 28 year old. If she's rid herself of that girlie girl phase in life. Sexually, is sexually honest, open, uninhibited, enjoys sex, loves being dirty, and is naturally slutty. Financially, has a degree in something respectable, is hard-working, has good saving habits, doesn't have bad spending habits, and is mindful of planning for the future. Emotionally, communicates instead of nagging or complaining, trusts instead of snooping, negotiates instead of trying to manipulate, and is capable of "actually" caring about someone other than just herself and what's important to her rather than offering only "token" symbolic gestures of "giving a f***" just so she can point to those things and say, "how can you say I don't do anything for you?"


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  • I'm close enough (33) to know how most guys would feel!

    .At our ages, that isn't a large age difference. We're years out of school by 28 and mostly working, and we've all traveled, all had relationship experience.

    It's not like 25 and 18 at all, that's and adult and a child, someone still being looked after by their parents.

  • If she was exceptional, sure.


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  • Many of them would. She is younger and has a hot body. Most think she will be more sexually adventurous, when she may or may not. Also, that he will gain status and somehow, youth from the arrangement. They may not want to get married again, though.