Why are some people so fake? It's puzzling

So I'm on twitter and mostly I post things about my day, little quotes that I like and music that I enjoy. But there's this kid who I hang out with occasionally who keeps posting little subliminal messages calling me weird and tactlessly tweeting her friends that I also happen to follow (which means I can see them) who then also follow suit, referring to me as you know who. And yet this is the same girl who texts me if I wanna do anything almost every weekend and people who make themselves comfortable at my place now and again for little get togethers. At first I didn't notice it but now I'm starting to catch on. Good grief. I've never had to deal with this fake a bunch before. Confront or ignore?


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  • Some people are just like that. They're immature and you shouldn't stoop to their level. I think you should just ignore it. If she texts you and tries to be nice then you call her out on it. Personally, I don't like hanging out with fake people. If I see someone tweet about me, I'm not going to be all nice to them and if they try faking niceness to me then I call them out on it. But unless she tries contacting you, just ignore them.


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  • Low self worth

  • KZL-303

    • What? As in the movie rest stop?

    • Karl Hungus.

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