Why would a guy date another girl when he likes a different one?

Why would a guy date another girl when he likes a different one?


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  • Sure. Especially if it seems to him like he can't have the girl he first girl, then yes. If she seems off limits, or like she doesn't have any interest in him, or if she's taken, or some other reason, then yeah, it's possible he'd date someone else. I did.

    The girl I am with now, I once told her how I felt about her, and she shot me down. So after a couple weeks someone else came along, who I also started to like (though truthfully not as much) and I dated her. The reason I did it was I made a move, she told me she wasn't interested, so I moved on, and I found someone else. As I said, I did like her too, just not as much. The relationship ended, after a couple of months of me dating her, and shortly after, the girl who shot me down told me she had feelings for me too, that developed over that time.

    The point is, there are a number of reasons why somebody would date somebody else even though they like someone first. Sometimes they just have their reasons for not dating that person, or not being able to date that person at that time, and so they just sorta accept it, and try to move on, and find someone else. Sometimes that someone else is good enough, or even better, so it sticks. Sometimes that person is nothing more than a second choice, or a rebound. Sometimes they still can't get over the first person.

    But yes, people do, in fact, do this. It might suck, but it happens.


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  • 2 reasons, Either she a rebound just for him to get over the one he can't have & he plainly using her to make the other girl jealous & want him or he found something in her he likes, dating & hoping that affection or like factor will soon turn into love factor.


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  • Because the other girl is...


    ...willing to go out (& have sex) with him.

    ...easier to approach.

    Because he...

    ...is craving intimacy & she's willing to provide.

    ...feels lonely & doesn't think he can get the other girl (or she's not interested).

    ...has other needs that are going unfulfilled (needs that he'd like the girl he's truly interested in to fulfill, but for one reason or another, she isn't).

    There could be a million & one reasons, but these are just some examples.

  • The girl he wants is out of his league