Why did he stop texting me?

So I met this guy and we hooked up. He wanted to take me on a date after so we picked a day. Since then we texted back and forth for a couple of days-I would always initiate, but he would always text back and it was good.

But yesterday we didn't text, so I texted him later in the day. He replied nicely enough, but didn't attempt to keep the conversation going. He hasn't cancelled our date, so that's good, but why would he stop texting?

It's not work-he would be texting me even when working or driving or at friend's events. I get we've only been texting a couple of days, but it went from 2 days of non-stop texting to zero.


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  • Two things could be happening, either he's getting nervous because he knows or thinks you really like him and he doesn't know what to say because he's thinking about not messing up. The other thing is you're coming off needy. Basically texting or talking too much. Just give him some space and I bet he will text you asking about the date. Just give him an answer that's short and concise that also leaves the conversation open for him to continue.


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  • give him some space and see what happens, in my opinion between the first few dates you don't ned to be talking all the time

  • i know guys don't like texting a lot before the date, so give him space. Like a day before the date he knows he's going to see you so some guys don't like to text too much a day or two before the date.