Is it better to pursue dating opportunities in your hometown or in a town near your college 5 hours away?

I'm from the Northwestern part of Illinois but am going to school in West Central Wisconsin (5 hours away). I've tried a couple dating sites, listing my hometown as my location, but I spend half my time at school too, so I'm thinking of trying to put that as my location for a while.

I always thought it would be better to date someone closer to home because when I'm in school I'm a pretty serious student and like to concentrate on my work. What do you all think is the best idea? Should I continue searching for people in my area, or look closer to where I go to school?


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  • Well I'm assuming you'll be attending this school for a while, not to mention it doesn't sound like you commute to and from your hometown too often with the 5hr drive. I say it would make more sense to use the current location you're at which is near your school. Especially, since that's the place it seems like you spend majority of your time at. Plus, it'll make it easier on you to meet up with someone locally if you ever decide to without the hassle of driving out too far.

    • I only have 3 semesters left at school, maybe only 2 semesters and a summer (which might be at home online). When I look at the whole year, the time there and at home is almost equal. But then there's grad school, which I'm already looking into, and I'm not sure where I'll be going for that (could be as far away as Massachusetts if I apply/am accepted to the schools I'm considering right now).

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    • frame on it! x

    • I'm not using a time frame. I'm just a planner and I'm trying to figure out which will give me the best luck. I met 3 guys online while I was away at school and had my hometown set as my location, only went on a couple dates with one of them, and he decided he only wanted to be friends. The other two didn't work out for other reasons.

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  • It all depends on what your future plans are and where you spend the most time; but what's most important is where you find the right person.

  • Why not give average guys a shot? Why only male models with cash?

    • I don't care about money. I'm just looking for regular guys... I just have a lifestyle that makes it difficult to go out and meet people easily.

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  • I think either works, I would just go with wherever you are currently spending most of your time. When that changes then you can change the location and if you happen to meet someone before that happens hopefully you both can make it work.