Girls how far do you go on a 1st date/ guys what's the farthest a girl goes?

girls when you go on I one st date what the most you will do with a guy?

guys what is your opinion when a girl goes to far?

and what is the usual a girl will do with you on a first date?


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  • i would prefer not to do anything on a first date unless we are one of those couples who has known each other for a while as friends or acquaintances, have built up some kind of relationship already, so I know it isn't just physical there.

    like, if we had been friends for a while and close then started dating, I would kiss/make out a bit but not under the clothes.

    however, usually on a first date you don't know each other well yet so I would prefer not to do anything. I would be scared that he will just want to finish the job.

    I never hooked up on a first date, I would not do more than kissing.


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  • i hate dating, there's so many unsaid rules arnt there


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  • Kissing is as far as I'll go on a first date.