Anyone else secretly get enjoyment out of seeing someone get made fun of?

I've never ever made fun of someone to their face. I'll talk behind their back but I will never ever be mean to them, or make fun of them. I keep quiet when I see people making fun of other people. In High School I used to find ways to try and get fat or ugly people get made fun of without it being obvious, and no one ever knew I was behind it... except my sister. She always said I would grow out of it, and I figured I would too. And I thought I had, because if I see kids picking on kids I now step in.

But I guess it's something I never grew out of when it comes to people my own age. So I figure it's not a bad thing now since adults can handle being made fun of. So it's something I never gave a thought to until tonight. I was out on a date with a guy, and these guys started picking on this girl for being really ugly outside the movie theater. I tried to hold in my laughter but I let out a snicker, and the accidentally burst out laughing. My date looked at me with disgust, told those guys off, and then took HER to the movie instead. He told me to join the other guys since I had their maturity level. I don't get it since the guys are my age, and so was she. We're all 25. A 25 year old doesn't get bother by being bullied. And I really liked that guy. I talk to the guys about it and they said they like seeing fat people get made fun of.

So I just wondered, isn't it normal to enjoy seeing someone get made fun of as long as it's secret? It's not like she was a kid. She was 25. I would never laugh at a kid being bullied, so what's the problem?


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  • Whatever you want to do secretly is your problem. People have probably done it to you and you were none the wiser. What you don't know doesn't hurt you.

    But still, 25 year olds making fun of an ugly person is pretty lame. I will make fun of people acting like idiots or anything else that is entirely their fault, but appearance? That girl has probably been made fun of her whole life about her looks and has low self-esteem.

    Honestly, that's the kind of sh*t that pushes some people over the edge and you get things like serial murder or some shooting spree.

    • I wasn't making fun of her. I've never done it to anyones face.

    • Everything I wrote applies to you. 25 year old guys making fun of an ugly person is lame, and you thought it was funny. If you're doing it in secret who should really care?


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  • I'm disgusted just reading this... what is wrong with you?

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    • no I'm being serious, I thought people were more honest online than offline. I was hoping to get responses where people are agreeing with me. Not stupid answers like this. I want to see people defending me because I got dumped

    • If you're hoping to have people defend you you're going to be

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  • i would like to start a slow clap for your date for telling you off.

    age doesn't remove feelings,of course adults feel pain when insulted.

  • no. that's f***ed up.

  • No, that's messed up.