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I applied online for a job at Khols last week and today I got a call for an interview. The guy wanted to set up an interview for later in the week but I told him I couldn't make it to that date because I'm currently living 2 1/2 hours away from I told him that I would be available for an interview later in the month when I move back for college. He told me that he would make a note of this in my application..Do you think I potentially lost the interview/job because I said I could not make it to that date for the interview?


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  • Potentially, yes. Businesses very often hire when an employee is required to patch the schedule. Waiting to hire you when an employee is required may cause him to hire someone else in the immediate future.


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  • yes and no..normally retail jobs try and hire for certain seasons. Like they normally hire a certain amount for a season and whoever does a good job they will will keep after the end. Maybe call back and explain to him that you are only wanting to work for the season and is there anyway he can do a phone interview.