Is it wrong not to kiss your boyfriend?

I haven't kissed my boyfriend and we have been going out for 2 weeks. He has tried to kiss me once but I stopped him. I told him I was nervous about kissing because my first kiss was horrible. All my friends say he really wants to kiss me, but I don't want to kiss him. Is that wrong or should I give him what he wants?


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  • awh don't be nervous, a lot of people are going/have gone through what your dealing with

    maybe next time he leans in for the kiss or asks to kiss you , jokingly say "ohhh but what if I'm not a good kisser =( "and then give him a sexy pouty face. or just be like "well I haven't kissed anyone in a while, maybe you can teach me how to kiss ?" & say it in an innocent way =]

    and if anything, practice does make perfect..and if he likes you a lot then he shouldnt care whether or not the first few kisses aren't incredible, pretty sure my first kiss was a disaster!

    so don't stress about it hun, he's probably super nervous as well =]


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  • I wouldn't say "wrong" as much as "unusual". If you're uncomfortable doing something, then don't do it. But, I will say that first kisses are awkward. But, kissing is really quite enjoyable. The thing is, that you and your boy won't become better kissers without actually doing it. You don't have to maul his face off, but a kiss here and there won't hurt. In fact, you may want to kiss him even more after you got your nervousness out of your system. And if he really likes you, he'll probably overlook any awkwardness during the kissing and if you don't like what he's doing then you two can figure out what you like together.

  • No way! I know it doesn't seem like a big step to some people, but just don't do something just because your boyfriend wants to.